Available Tours


Tour 1 Boston City Tour 

This tour is designed to acquaint the visitor with the influences and events which have contributed to the development of Boston, from its early Colonial Days, through commercial expansion & maritime successes, into a 21st century center of culture, technology, education, medicine, and finance. Boston is a wonderful city with beautiful neighborhoods, history, and Old World charm. Visit Beacon Hill, known for its architecture, cobble stone streets, elegant townhouses and 19th century gas lamps. The Victorian Back Bay boasts lovely churches, the Public Garden, Swan Boats, "Cheers", boutiques, galleries, museums and colleges. Explore Revolutionary Boston as you follow the footsteps of our Puritan founders along the Freedom Trail! View the Old Granary Burying Ground, final resting place of such illustrious Americans as Paul Revere, John Hancock, Sam Adams and the five killed in the Boston Massacre. See Old South Meeting House, where the Patriots & Sons of Liberty gathered on that eventful night in 1773 to plan their world-famous Boston Tea Party. Pass the Old Towne House, where the Declaration of Independence was read in 1776; Faneuil Hall, Boston's Cradle of Liberty; the site of the Boston Tea Party, and much more. Visit the Old North Church (Requires Admission) where two lanterns signaled a warning to the Charlestown Militia on the night of April 18, 1775, that the British were preparing their march out from Boston to Lexington & Concord. Learn the historical significance of the events that took place in these buildings. Cross over the Charles River to Charlestown, where you will visit the former Navy Yard and the U.S.S. Constitution ("Old Ironsides").

Tour 2 Lexington & Concord & Cambridge

Your tour of Lexington & Concord will begin by traveling across the Charles River from Boston to Cambridge, home of Harvard College, the oldest college in the United States, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Your first stop will be in Cambridge, where your guide will take you on a walking tour of Harvard Yard. You will have the opportunity to see Widner Memorial Library, Memorial Chapel, Weld Hall, where former President Kennedy resided; and the Wadsworth House…where George Washington slept! Follow the route taken by William Dawes and passing every village and farm…warning that "the British are Coming!" Stop in Lexington, birthplace of American Liberty, and walk the Battlefield where a small group of armed Patriots lined up across the green one chilly April morning to face the British sword of tyranny & oppression. Alcott, Hawthorne, Emerson and Thoreau. Visit the Old North Bridge where Daniel Chester French's famous Minuteman stands guard.

Tour 3 Plymouth: Pilgrims, Native American, Thanksgiving & Cranberries

Journey south from Boston to the shores of Plymouth, America's Home for the Mayflower Passengers. Learn of their struggle for religious freedom and economic prosperity; their flight from their English homeland to the Netherlands; the causes which eventually forced them to seek a charter in the New World. Board the Mayflower II (R$) and try to imagine how this sturdy band survived the cramped and perilous conditions during their Atlantic crossing in 1620. Don't be too surprised by the size of Plymouth Rock! Climb Cole's Hill where they buried half their number that first harsh winter. Spring brought renewed hope and the friendship of the local Wampanoag Indians who taught them how to survive the wilderness. Their bountiful harvest that year was cause for the first Thanksgiving. Visit Plimoth Plantation (R$), where modern day Pilgrims relive life in 17th century Plymouth as original passengers of the Mayflower in dress, manner, speech and attitude. They recount their experiences on the voyage and life in the New World. Visit a local bog and learn the history of cranberries, their cultivation and methods of harvesting.

Tour 4 Marblehead & Salem: Sailboats, the China Trade & Witches

Journey north from Boston to the rocky shores of Marblehead - where clusters of white Colonial houses and antique shops dot the narrow winding streets of Old Town. Stroll along these former cow paths; catch glimpses of gardens tucked away behind one another; enjoy the salt air and lovely mansions that were built by wealthy merchants during the 18th & 19th centuries. Visit Abbott Hall (restricted hours) and view Archibald Willard's famous painting, "The Spirit of '76". Continue to Marblehead Neck, originally an exclusively summer colony, with its famed yacht clubs, Wildlife Sanctuary, and estates. Photo Stop at Lighthouse Point and Chandler Hovey Park for a perfect view of the harbor, homeport of cruising and racing vessels! Visit Salem, which once ranked among the world's leading seaports, and boasted of 40 different wharfs. Its sailing ships raced to the Far East bringing back exotic goods. Fortunes made in the China Trade allowed sea captains, merchants, and ship owners to build handsome federal period homes. The Custom's House where Nathaniel Hawthorne worked as he gathered ideas for his famous American novel, The House of Seven Gables (R$). The Witchcraft Trials of 1692, when 19 persons were hanged and one was crushed to death, are retold in vivid details at the Salem Witch Museum (R$). Today's Witches of Salem find a more tolerant atmosphere in which to meet safely to chant and form a magic Witch's Circle. Enjoy a town stroll that includes a visit to the Victims' Memorial and local Graveyard!

Tour 5 Walking Tour of Boston

We offer a variety of walking tours: Historical, Architectural, Special Interest Boston's Colonial City and the Historic Freedom Trail; Victorian Back Bay with its elegant brownstone mansions, gardens, houses of worship; Beacon Hill Townhouses, gas lamps & cobbled stoned streets; Student Educational Tours; Scavenger Hunts; Salem Witch Trail, and Plymouth's Pilgrim Steps.

Tour 6 Quincy, MA, City of Presidents

Travel south to Quincy home of John Hancock and the 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States, John and John Quincy Adams. John Adams lived much of his early life in a typically New England saltbox house. In the adjacent house, he drafted the Massachusetts Constitution. You will have the opportunity to visit the Birthplaces, the Adams' Mansion, and the Church of the Presidents (R/$). Four generations of the Adams family resided in their "Summer White House". Here you will learn of their lifestyle, conflicts, and courage.

Tour 7 Gloucester & Rockport

Travel north from Boston to Gloucester where fishing has been the leading industry since 1630, when 11 shiploads of Puritans arrived from England and designated this area as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In June is the colorful blessing of the fleet during the fiesta of Saint Peter. The granite seacoast attracted such 19th century artists as Fritz Hugh Lane, and later Winslow Homer and Maurice Prendergast. Visit the famous statue of the fisherman, "Man at the Wheel", dedicated to those who have gone down to the sea in ships. Stroll Rockport's Bear Skin Neck, fishermen's homes have been converted into quaint shops, artists studios, galleries, and antique shops.

Tour 8 Boston Cambridge Lexington & Concord

This is the combination of Tour #1 and Tour #2 plus a stop in Cambridge at Harvard Yard, America's Oldest University. Your group may wish to enjoy lunch at Boston's famous Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall where former warehouses and markets have been converted into restaurants and shops. There are over 50 different places from which to select something wonderful! There are cups of fresh fruit, salads, Italian food, Greek dishes, French bread with melted Danish cheese, American lobster! You can't go hungry!

Tour 9 Boston's Gold Coast: The North Shore; Salem and Cape Ann

You will follow the coastal route north from Boston to Cape Ann. It was in the 19th century that affluent residents began to summer in Nahant, an island off the coast of Boston. The elite of society, Presidents, and even Royalty soon followed. Arriving in Salem, a city perhaps unlike any other in America, with its impressive and diversified array of historic homes. From its' origins as one of the earliest pioneer settlements in America, Salem grew and flourished into one of the nation's greatest ports (hub of the China Trade), as well as a political, commercial, manufacturing center. experience a frightful part of Salem's history-the Witch Trials of 1692. From Salem, we will continue along the coastline to the Fisherman's ships. We continue along the shore route, viewing the jagged rocks until we arrive in the artist community of Rockport. Once a sleepy fishing village where lovely granite stone was quarried it is now an attraction for numerous tourists. Stroll Bear Skin Neck with its many shops and boutiques before dining on lobster at a local restaurant or returning to your hotel.

Tour 10 Plymouth & Upper Cape Cod: Sandwich, Hyannis & Kennedy Country 

Travel south from Boston to Plymouth, "America's Hometown"; home of our Pilgrim Fathers, and first permanent settlement in Massachusetts. Learn of the hardships and sacrifices, which our forefathers experienced when they ventured to the New World in 1620 seeking religious freedom. View the symbol of hope and freedom, the unyielding Plymouth Rock! Stop at Ocean Spray Cranberry World (R$) or a local bag and learn the various methods of harvesting. Be amazed to learn that the cranberry grows on a vine; that there are 127 different know varieties; and that it is one of only 3 fruits natural to the United States. Pass over the Cape Cod Canal into Sandwich, the oldest town on the Cape. The picturesque setting of the Grist Mill and the Wild Swans on the pond make a nice remembrance photo. Don't forget your cameras! Drive along old King's Highway until you reach a sand duned beach, which stretches out to sea. Touch your toes in the Icy Atlantic Ocean! Follow this winding road past the fine homes of Sea Captains and Whalers until you reach Hyannis. A visit will be made to the Kennedy Memorial and St. Frances Xavier Church where former President Kennedy and his family worshipped. (Time permitting) A visit will be made to the Harbor Candle Shop or a cruise of the harbor (R$).

Tour 11 Provincetown: All The Way To The End!

Combine the Upper Cape & the Lower Cape…from Sandwich and the Canal to Race Point and Provincetown. Visit the Oldest Windmill on Cape Cod and the National Seashore Park in Eastham. Shop in quaint stores or take a dune buggy ride (R$). Additional tours to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket & Newport are also available. Itineraries upon request.